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We help you make more money

We help you make more Money

Collaborate with brands, sell products, create exclusive content, let your fans buy you coffee and so much more.

We help you make more money
We help you make more money
Shop The Pic

Shop The Pic

Start earning money from affiliate links by sharing a photo and tagging items within that photo.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Content

Create a private community for your supporters, include behind the scene content, a day in your life, upload files or just give them a way to support your content on an ongoing basis.

Exclusive Content
Fund My Project
Fund My Project

Fund My Project

Start fundraising instantly, your supporters can donate directly to your project.

Fund My Project Donations
What is Fluenser?

Fluenser acts as the bridge between brands seeking influencers for collaborations and influencers seeking lucrative brand deals. Moreover, it equips influencers with a range of tools, enabling them to open an online store, accept donations, earn commissions from purchases, create an exclusive membership space for their followers, and offers various other money making opportunities.

Who should use Fluenser?

Fluenser accommodates companies of any size aiming for brand exposure and influencers seeking diverse revenue streams.

How do I get brand collaborations?

After setting up your profile, you have the option to actively search for potential brand collaborations using the search tool. Alternatively, you can let brands discover and connect with you.

How do I get paid?

Our partnership with ensures seamless payouts. Earnings are deposited directly into your balance, offering you the flexibility to choose when and how much to withdraw into your bank account at your convenience.

How much does it cost?

There is no up-front cost. Only when a sale is made we apply a 15% transaction fee. The fee encompasses the expenses of maintaining and enhancing our platform, ensuring the creation of more valuable tools for you all to benefit.

How much can I earn as an influencer?

Fluenser provides the opportunity to earn income, regardless of the size of your following. Many influencers, both large and small, have successfully kickstarted their journey on the platform using the available tools.

How can I get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to us via Instagram DMs or by using the 'Contact Us' page on our website.